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A further important business area of ÖKO-TEC is polymer-technology.

ÖKO-TEC produces and sells Uni-Safe Plus, an oil and chemical binder with unique functions and performance…          Talk to us-we find the optimal solution for you!

Product Oil and chemical binders

ÖKO-TEC produces and sells the oil and chemical binder, which is unique in its function and performance.

Our product range includes
Uni Safe, Uni Safe Plus.

This genius chemical binder wins over through its universality and impressing performance. Until today it doesn’t react with any kind of known chemical substance in a negative way. Even most aggressive substances can be bound without problems. This means the highest possible level of security for the operator, e. g. Fire Fighters providing HAZMAT-missions – especially when the hazardous substance isn’t known yet.

Uni-Safe Plus is dike-building, it is equipped with a raw-indicator-function and can – in case of need – being used as emission barrier.

Cause of its enormous performance Uni-Safe Plus is one of the most cost-saving binders in the market.

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Öko-Tec Sorbents

With the ÖKO-TEC Sorbents, ÖKO-TEC also has a highly efficient, high-performance product in its range of products.

ÖKO-TEC Sorbents are polypropylene fleeces as individual cloths, rollers, veils with ribbon, hoses, pillows, etc., which only absorb oil or hydrocarbons – no water.

Sorbents offer an unbeatable advantage when used on water surfaces. They can be brought in quickly and easily and moved on the water to the pollutant and again easily removed from the water after the oil has been absorbed.

Other Binders-as granules or bulk materials in the broadest sense-can only be laboriously collected again and often remnants remain in the water, which then accumulate on the banks. Here ÖKO-TEC Sorbents are much easier to handle and at the same time offer a high absorption capacity.

In the industry, Sorbents have been used for a long time – in the fire brigades they are still partly unknown – there is still a need to know


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