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Controlling the flow of contaminated water and other dangerous liquids is a serious problem which faces every Fire Brigade today. Erecting sandbag or earth dams is often totally ineffective.

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Our basic idea has been to use the weight of water itself to make an effective and workable dam, preventing the uncontrolled outflow of liquids.The boom can be used as a large spillage container. The double chambered nature of the boom prevents it from rolling away: the laws of physics are used to great effect! Easily handled by a small staff, quickly installed and effective over every terrain, the Öko-Tec Double-tube-boom is superbly conceived. The Double-tube-boom is made from extremely tear and chemical resistant polyethylene. The diameter of the larger tube is 40 cm, the smaller 20 cm.


The minimal amount of storage space required and a total weight of less than 100 kg for the whole unit makes the new system ideal for every Fire Service.

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Use On Water

The Task

The result of accidents with oil on water are often special problems. Most important is how to contain the spill in the shortest time, while insufficient manpower and inappropriate materials are available.

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The solution

The Double-Tube-Boom, already described for its use on land, is an ideal boom for protection against oil in calm and flowing waters. The large tube is filled with air, drawn across the water and firmly anchored. Because the boom has little weight and little depth in the water, it has little or no resistance to the water flow, and can therefore be moved by a small crew, without getting out powerful pulling equipment. Once the boom is in position the small tube has to be filled with water, submerging the unit at least 18 cm into the water. When the job is finished, the whole system can be removed quickly and efficiently by the same small crew.

How It’s used

It is recommended to first unroll the required length of boom material on land. The boom should be filled with air from any available air blower. Connectors for any kind of blowers same as exhaust injectors are available upon request. The Double-Tube-Boom is simple to operate and use on water. Only two men are needed at the boom end. Because of the light weight and the easy roll-out procedure using the reel, the Double-Tube-Boom can be quickly brought into the desired position. Using connectors, available on request, several boom sections can be joined together. A special problem connected with oil booms arises usually where they are attached to the shore. The water-filled small diameter tube easily follows any terrain. As the water and air filled tube will follow wave movements, a spilling of oil over its top is virtually impossible.

Use on Land

A Liquid Boom

A mobile system for controlling the flow of fire-fighting water is now reality! Dangerous liquids and contaminants are kept back, held in one area in all terrains. The system ties up few crewmen -two is adequate- and because the Double-Tubed-Boom can be used in the length needed at the time, it is cost effective in use.

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Once the required length of boom material has been unrolled, it can be cut off and the end closed off, or the remaining material can be left on the reel. If the boom has to be extended or formed into a circle, one simply lays the two ends of the boom one over the other.


Door Boom

The Task

Containing contaminated water and other dangerous liquids in a closed area demands a method of closing off doorways and gateways quickly and effectively. Often, building regulations and general production traffic prevents a permanent solution to the problem to be built into doorway design.

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The solution

A polyethylene Double-Tube-Boom, as already described, is sealed on one side in a length of 8 m. On the other side, a special filling connection enables the 2-chambers to be filled simultaneously with water. The complete system is stored in a metal container, like a fire extinguisher, fastened on the wall next to the door. For fire tenders we recommend the door boom in a aluminium transport container.

How it´s used

The complete system is taken out of its holder and laid out in or on either side of the doorway, sealing out the contaminated fluids. Any unneeded material remains unrolled. The boom is available in long or short lengths. Connectors and sliders are also available in stainless steel. It is possible to seal off two or more doors with one length of boom tubing. Also ideal as flood protection.


Also excellent for damming off streets and driveways, or for diverting flood waters and spillages. It saves costs on cleaning up contaminated sandbags and earth dams.

The door boom, used in the form of a spillage container, can hold up to 1250 litres of liquid with its length of 8 m. It can be used in a variety of different environments with the additional benefit of being highly resistant to chemicals.

Technical Details

Door sealer set includes:
A Double-Tube-Boom, polyethylene 200 microns thick, in white with a red print, with diameter of 40 cm and 20 cm. One side sealed flat the other side two tube-like sections. Y-shaped filler section for filling the 2 tubes simultaneously, aluminium coupling and a slider “c”. Supplied ready for immediate use, in aluminum transport container.


Download now a PDF file with details about the double-tube-boom an the required model numbers for the articles.


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