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Extinguishing technologies Öko-Tec:

As Öko-tec was generally active in the field of polymer technology, it was offered to develop a polymer-based extinguishing agent..


With our water additive HYDREX as gel former, we succeeded in a good litter: HYDREX is a high-performance extinguishing gel that is best suited for all Class A fires – i.e. solids Fires. Both in the direct fire fighting and in defensive measures, it shows its extraordinary extinguishing and STAMINA. Compared to pure water, which achieves a extinguishing efficacy rate of 5% in the laboratory test, HYDREX cuts significantly better with a extinguishing efficacy rate of up to 85%.

In addition to this, the HYDREX does not cause environmental damage in contrast to other additives or extinguishing mixtures. We would like to inform you in detail about the tactical advantages HYDREX offers – Ask Us!

Öko-tec still has various extinguishing agents as a filling for fire extinguishers in the product Portfolio. If you are interested, please contact Us.

Extinguishing technologies

In the area of small extinguishers, we have developed an efficient small extinguisher with the HYDREX power system 3610 f, which is mainly used by fire brigades and the Industry. The device offers considerable advantages in the application and by filling with HYDREX – we are happy to inform you in Detail.

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