FLOOD PROTECTION – Floodgate door barrier



Floodgate comprises of a 25mm thick, steel boxed frame which expands telescopically on the horizontal and vertical plane to fit simply and securely into a vast array of door frames. The steel chassis is enveloped by a 7mm thick neoprene jacket which, when expanded, forms a waterproof seal between it and the aperture it is expanded into.

Due to its unique design, Floodgate does not require any permanent fittings to the property it is protecting, making it ideal for use on listed buildings. It takes approximately 2 minutes to install and can be installed during a flood event, meaning that little or no warning is required.

Other benefits include:

  • Accredited with the BSI Kitemark for flood protection for building apertures (PAS 1188-1)
  • NO channels, frames or any other permanent changes required to the property
  • NO costly installation charges or time consuming site surveys
  • Easy to use, store and maintain
  • Provides more effective protection than over 50 sandbags
  • Minimal space required to fit as units only 25mm thick
  • In most cases, protected doors can be still be opened to allow access when installed
  • Expandable to protect larger inputs
  • Installation during the flooding process possible in order to minimize damage
  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly due to its reusability
  • Easy to store and to be transported


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