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FLUISORB® - Oil Binder from Nature Materials

he companies Kalle and Öko-Tec are introducing a new oil binder made of regenerative raw materials: FLUISORB®.

FLUISORB® is a blended product of cotton and regenerated cellulose, the latter from chemical pulp (i.e., natural wood fibres of beech, fir, eucalyptus or pine). The manufacturing process of regenerated cellulose has a much smaller CO2 footprint on the earth´s atmosphere and greenhouse effect than synthetic fibres manufactured based on petroleum or natural gas.

The way a natural sponge functions provided the model for the development of FLUISORB® adding the advantage of unlimited reproducibility.

The new binding agent FLUISORB® stores hydrocarbons by physical bonding because FLUISORB® granulate absorbs lightning-quick conducting the absorbed fluid into the pores of the binding agent where it is stored in the long term. FLUISORB® has a very large surface-to-mass ratio which means that fluids are removed from surfaces fast and efficiently. This even works very well with biodiesel – which has always been a major problem.

If used correctly, the FLUISORB® granulate works right down to the depths of the road surface to guarantee a dry and safe surface. A precisely matched mixture of dry and preconditioned FLUISORB® granulate makes sure that hydrocarbons are absorbed lightning-quick and the pollutant is reliably retained in the binding agent. You can even create a dam with FLUISORB® very easily. Beyond this, FLUISORB® makes traffic much safer because FLUISORB® eliminates the notorious rolling and sliding from left-over oil binders in curves at high vehicle speeds we all have experienced from conventional granular binding agents. That is important to drivers and especially to motorcyclists.

Fast and permanent absorption of pollutants even at a high level of viscosity (such as hydraulic oil) significantly reduces the worktime and stress on workers. The high absorptive capacity and lower weight of the resilient FLUISORB® material (1 sack only weighs 5 kg and stores 30 l of fuel oil) eliminates both physical stress on your personnel and disposal and transport expenditures.

FLUISORB® does not dust and it does not require any special prior knowledge for application. Beyond this, its special colour makes is easy to make it out on the road surface even under poor lighting conditions.

FLUISORB® is very environmentally friendly even when it is disposed of. There is a slight 2.24% residue from combustion which provides excellent energy yield in thermal utilisation. Any unpolluted FLUISORB® getting into the environment is biologically decomposed in a brief period. And this is the first time that packaging has concentrated on maximum protection for personnel: the sack with its bright yellow colour is seen day and night from afar to alert people to potential hazards to enable other persons in traffic to react and step on the brake on time.


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