Water additive HYDREX-gel-builder

Sticks the water to the wall

HYDREX holds the water at the burning object and has a lasting effect. The revolutionary effect of HYDREX was proven in an extensive test series with the use of various materials under real-time conditions by the German Testing Labs for Air and Space Travel. Higher cooling effect and uniform evaporation through the clinging water. The polymer encapsulates the water, binds it and thus prohibits run-off and/or premature evaporation. The effectiveness of the applied water is increased many fold.

The effectiveness of HYDREX can be seen clearly in the fire progression graphs below. Faster, more drastic reduction of the kernel fire temperature. Extinction with less water in a shorter time. The encapsulated water provides a barrier, thereby preventing re-ignition and making the fuel difficult to ignite. HYDREX forms a cooling barrier against radiation heat. The jumping of the fire onto adjoining objects is effectively avoided by the application of HYDREX.

The HYDREX effect

While fighting fires, normally 95% of the water runs off. This water cannot provide its cooling effect. Extensive water damage is the result of this. HYDREX binds the water and carries it to the fire. With the HYDREX-water mixture this ratio could be nearly reversed, i.e. 95% of the utilized water was brought to bear on the object and provided its cooling effect. When 30 % of these laboratory values are reached the effectiveness of water is increased 6 fold already. In plain language this means, that 200 gallons of water with HYDREX have the same effect as 1200 gallons of water without HYDREX.

This means for practical work:

  • The possible use of smaller, more agile fire engines
  • A quicker, more focused extinction of the fire with fewer personnel
  • Time savings
  • Water savings
  • Reduction of water damage

Protection for man, environment and material.

A rapid, focused and effective action with the use of the proper products can prevent catastrophic events, or at least minimize the resulting damage. HYDREX used as an immediate first step assures that a flame does not become a small fire and that a small fire does not evolve into a major catastrophe. Based on its superior protective properties HYDREX is frequently being used to protect objects adjacent to a fire. This eliminates the need for personnel required to continuously wet down adjacent structures and allows the same fire-fighters to concentrate on extinguishing the actual burning object.

HYDREX water additive. The proven, best protection for man, material and the environment.

HYDREX can be used for all fires of solid materials classified in fire class A. It is not relevant whether these fires are in the open spaces, in forests or in structures, commercial or residential. HYDREX can be applied without difficulty from all types of fire engines, fire ships or helicopters. It is also possible to apply HYDREX onto large areas through sprinkler systems, both stationary and non stationary, or through flooding systems, etc.. The mixing ratio HYDREX is app. 1lb for 25 gallons of water.


HYDREX can be disposed together with the burned material.
UV radiation (sunshine) breaks the product down into water and CO2.


Download now a PDF file with the safety data sheet to HYDREX.


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