Öko-Tec Tube Wall

Flood protection is always a matter of time. Traditional sandbag dikes take considerable time and effort to build. Often the time, labour force and materials required are not available during a flood event and extensive damage to land and property is the result.

The Öko-Tec Tube Wall is a quick, lightweight and highly effective alternative to old fashioned dikes. Utilising air and water, the tube wall is a series of interconnected reinforced air-filled tubes. Not relying on the weight of the wall itself for anchoring, the Öko-Tec Tube Wall utilises the weight of the flood water for a firm seal and excellent anchoring ability.

A Öko-Tec Tube Wall weighs less than half a percent of a corresponding sandbag barrier and is easily handled by 2 – 4 people. A Tube Wall works as well on lawns and fields as on gravel roads and asphalt and requires minimal site preparation prior to installation.

A Öko-Tec Tube Wall consists of air-filled tubes of reinforced plastic, interconnected to form a chain. A skirt is attached on the flood-side of each tube to anchor the system.

The Tube Wall was developed in Sweden with the support of the Swedish Rescue Services Agency and has been used successfully during numerous flood events. It has been awarded the SKAPA prize for best inventions in Sweden and in December 2002 it won first prize in BBC´s live “Best Inventions” show.

When water starts to rise, the skirt is pressed firmly towards the ground, creating a water seal and a securing mechanism. The tubes are quickly and easily filled using a suitable air blower and just as easily deflated and stored after the flood event has subsided. Read more about the technique in the presentation leaflet (PDF) stored in our download library. You may also use our check-list (PDF) to see if and how a Tube Wall could be used in your application.

The Öko-Tec Tube Wall is suitable for most flood protection applications but will depend on the terrain of the particular site. A check list can be downloaded to ascertain whether a tube wall is applicable for your site.

The Öko-Tec Tube Walls come normally in 10 m, 15 m or 20 m sections an can have a storage level of 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm, 125 cm or even 150 cm. Individual lengths can be produced as needed.

Two man can set up a protection line of 100 m Öko-Tec Tube Wall in less than an hour.


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