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For the future of our nature

Our products for Flood protection
Binders and Extinguishing technologies

UNI-SAFE – Immediate reaction – without risk


“Optimal tools are a must for each professionali.” This was our basic challange for the development of UNI-SAFE. UNI-SAFE is the universal oil- and chemical binder. Applicable on land to all liquids without […]MORE INFORMATIONS

UNI-SAFE Plus – Immediate reaction – without risk


UNI-SAFE PLUS is a further development of UNI-SAFE. It is fully synthetic and much better strew able. Beside this it has got the same characteristics than UNI-SAFE […]MORE INFORMATIONS

UNI-SAFE PH Plus – Safety at first sight


Dangerous fluid or not? The binder is UNI-SAFE ph Plus. Every day people can be endangered by accidentally or deliberately released dangerous fluids […]MORE INFORMATIONS

Öko-Tec Sorbent – Polypropylene for to take oil


Öko-Tec Sorbent “Oil Collector” is a compact oil sorbent, which is very capable in absorbtion of oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons. It can absorb up to 25 times of its own weight and retains it certainly […]MORE INFORMATIONS

FLUISORB® –Oil binder from nature materials


FLUISORB® is a blended product of cotton and regenerated cellulose, the latter from chemical pulp (i.e., natural wood fibres of beech, fir, eucalyptus or pine). The manufacturing process of regenerated cellulose has a […]MORE INFORMATIONS

DOUBLE-TUBE-BOOM SYSTEM – The universal water- and hazmat barrier


Controlling the flow of contaminated water and other dangerous liquids is a serious problem which faces every Fire Brigade today. Erecting sandbag or earth dams is often totally ineffective […]MORE INFORMATIONS

Öko-Tec Tube Wall – Quick response and low staff involved


Flood protection is often a matter of time. Traditional sandbag dikes take considerable time and effort to build. Often the time, labour and materials required are not available during a flood event and extensive damage to land […]MORE INFORMATIONS

FLOODGATE – Door barrier


The Floodgate door lock is a unique, usable in every doorway mobile flood protection system, or fire-fighting water system that is robust, flexible, and highly efficient and comparatively […]MORE INFORMATIONS

HYDREX – Gel-builder


HYDREX holds the water at the burning object and has a lasting effect. The revolutionary effect of HYDREX was proven in an extensive test series with the use of various materials under real-time conditions by the German Testing Labs […]MORE INFORMATIOS

Öko-Tec and MAG motor company


To complete our range of products for the business area “mobile flood protection” and “fire service” ÖKO-TEC has entered into a commercial partnership with MAG-MOTOREN Ges.m.b.H for their power generators.


Öko-Tec and LEMA®


Öko-Tec is the German exclusive partner for the fire service sector of LEMA®. The new LEMA® Professional fire brigade programme focuses on innovation and reliability in fire brigade operations […]MORE INFORMATIONS

Öko-Tec and SPT Pump


ÖKO-TEC is laying extreme value on quality, robustness, reliability and cost-efficient products. For completion of our product portfolio we are now in a close cooperation with SPT Pumps.[…]MORE INFORMATIONS

UNI-TWIST® – the hazardous material bucket with UN-accreditation


The groundbreaking new resistant containers with hazardous chemicals safety and locking screw. New threats require sophisticated solutions. The new UNI-TWIST® Hazardous goods containers of Öko-Tec […]MORE INFORMATIONS

Technical Book – Access techniques for emergency personnel

Access techniques
For emergency personnel


The source of information in terms of door or window opening for all firefighters, police and emergency services. This book provides for the first time in the German language area A complete overview of all specific […]MORE INFORMATIONS

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In all product areas, from flood protection to sludge suction, we attach extreme importance to quality, sustainability and reliability. Coupled with the high professional competence of our employees, these values are invaluable advantages for our customers: They receive optimum solutions at favourable conditions.


Öko-Tec deals intensively with the subject area of mobile flood protection. In contrast to other market participants, Öko-Tec defines mobile flood protection as follows: Mobile flood protection from Öko-Tec can be applied to the respective object to be protected without structural changes or even structural preparations. Concrete anchorages, guide rails and similar are not necessary from a structural point of view!


Öko-Tec offers great tools for mobile flood protection with the double tube boom, the Öko-Tec tube wall system and floodgate door locks. This means that it can be implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the minimum of manpower requirements.


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