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ÖKO-TEC Umweltschutzsysteme

An important focus of the comprehensive service portfolio is products for flood protection. Today ÖKO-TEC has a highly motivated team of specialists who are also permanently involved in research and development and further development.

Through intensive research, the ÖKO-TEC Environmental Protection Systems GmbH has succeeded in developing an oil and chemical binder, which has until now received great national and international recognition in the fight against damage: Uni-Safe, a product that is made of modern chemistry is virtually impossible to imagine. Uni-Safe and Uni-Safe plus can also be used on land for oil and chemical accidents. The high level of user safety as well as the enormous capacity and the resulting cost-effectiveness make Uni-Safe and Uni-Safe plus a top-quality product.

ÖKO-TEC also produces special, high-performance ÖKO-TEC Sorbents, either as pure oil-binding fleeces or multi-purpose binding fleeces. The fleeces are produced for various application forms (fleece pieces, fleece rollers, fleece rollers with tie belt, in tubular form, as pillows, etc.) – depending on the customer’s needs. Our Sorbents are also characterised by cost-effectiveness – Request your individual offer.


What do we do…

Flood protection

ÖKO-TEC is your provider for visionary methods and products in the field of flood protection for mobile use. We develop ecologically harmless products, which are applicable without structural changes or even structural preparations to the respective protection object.

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ÖKO-TEC produces ecologically harmless products for the binding of oil and chemicals, pollutants and water. The safety in handling, as well as the efficiency and cost-effectiveness distinguishes binders from ÖKO-TEC.

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Extinguishing technologies

From extinguishing agents to extinguishing systems, a variety of fires can be controlled with the extinguishing agents from ÖKO-TEC. We will put together the right combination of extinguishing agent and extinguishing system and match them to your needs.

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