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Öko-Tec Sorbent "Oil Collector"

Polypropylene to absorb Oil

Öko-Tec Sorbent “Oil Collector” is a compact oil sorbent, which is very capable in absorbtion of oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons. It can absorb up to 25 times of its own weight and retains it safely. While absorbing oil, fuel or other hydrocarbons, Öko-Tec Sorbent “Oil Collector” does not absorb water! This is a real big advantage.

Öko-Tec sorbents consist of a well established range of absolutely buoyant sorbents to absorb oily, hazardous liquids from the water and retain it safely. They serve as environmentally friendly prophylaxis and / or are combating oil spills on water. They also are in use on land, e. g. in industrial plants, as a precaution measure to avoid oil spills under machinery or to clean up oil spills after a leakage.

Both, the Öko-Tec Sorbent “Oil-Collector” cloths and the Öko-Tec Sorbent rolls are quickly and reliably employed against large and small oil spills.

They remain still buoyant in the saturated state and can therefore be safe and environmentally-friendly retrieved and easily disposed of.

Öko-Tec Sorbents can be delivered pre-cutted or on roles.

Öko-Tec Sorbent Veils are sewn sections with a strap and can be drawn by this strap over open water surfaces.


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