ÖKO-TEC and SPT Pumps

ÖKO-TEC is laying extreme value on quality, robustness, reliability and cost-efficient products. For completion of our product portfolio we are now in a close cooperation with SPT Pumps.

Innovation and experience is the basis for SPT’s technological competence.

SPT is a small and medium sized business which is owner guided in second generation.

You can relay on SPT’s grown knowledge as well as on its service – starting with effective traininigs, up to maintenance jobs through the competent and quick reacting maintenance service team.

Our large program of pumps offers customized solutions which are exactly fitted to your specific needs.

Innovation through long therm experience

As we have a very large product portfolio, we are able to offer most modern pump-technology in all sizes and performance classes.

Our philosophy for quality

High quality materials and technical perfection bring our pumps to highest quality, while taking care of social values and environment protection.


Please feel free to tell us your problem and situation of need – we will consult you in best possible way which type of pump is best for you and you will get an offer from us.

SPT Pumps prospect

Download now the SPT prospect as PDF-File.


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