Binders – UNI-SAFE PH Plus


Dangerous fluid or not? The binder is UNI-SAFE ph Plus.

Every day people can be endangered by accidentally or deliberately released dangerous fluids. Attacks, accidents or just carelessness can result in potentially very dangerous situations!

The principal problem areas are transport and storage, airports, harbours, railway stations, hospitals, laboratories and research facilities, all of which could be affected just as much as the police, the military forces and the life-saving and fire-fighting services – all of them are exposed to potential dangers in such situations. Wherever a large number of people congregate, dangerous situations can arise through the accidental or deliberate release of dangerous fluids.

In such situations it is imperative that the dangerousness of a liquid is quickly analysed and the uncontrolled spread of such liquids is effectively prevented.

This can be rapidly and effectively achieved with the new UNI-SAFE ph Plus Safety Binder. The innovative, trend-setting UNI-SAFE Plus technology has now been logically extended by a highly effective Universal Indicator which determines the approximate pH-value of a fluid within a pH range of 1 – 13. Depending on the pH-value of the given fluid that is to be analysed. UNI-SAFE ph Plus indicates, by way of five different characteristic colours from pink, orange and beige to green and blue, the approximate pH-value of a fluid.

In addition to the extended indication of dangerous substances, UNI-SAFE ph Plus also functions as an excellent:

  • Damming agent
  • Powerful reaction-reduced absorbent with exceptional absorbtion capacity and an encapsulating function for fluids
  • Effective emission brake for gas emissions

Next to acids and lyes UNI-SAFE ph Plus also features a significantly improved hydrocarbon absorption capacity. Moreover, UNI-SAFE ph Plus is not combustible and is not a dangerous substance in the meaning of the Dangerous Substance Ordinance.

An expertise drawn up by the Hygiene Institute in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, classifies UNI-SAFE ph Plus as harmless in terms of work-related medicine and the environment. Consequently, no conditions have been imposed.

UNI-SAFE ph Plus

Download now the Safety Data Sheet for UNI-SAFE ph-Plus as PDF.


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