Binders – UNI-SAFE Plus



the universal high-performance oil- and chemical binder

UNI-SAFE PLUS is a further development of UNI-SAFE. It is fully synthetic and much better strewable. Beside this it has got the same characteristics than UNI-SAFE.

Immediate reaction – no risk

The composition of UNI-SAFE PLUS does not allow any dangerous reaction, not even with strongly reacting and oxidizing substances, such as nitric acid, oleum, bromine, sulphuric acid, hydrogen peroxide. UNI-SAFE PLUS will also absorb lyes without problems.

Highest absorption – chemical-physical binding

The main component of UNI-SAFE PLUS is a polymer with an extremely high absorbency rate. Therefore UNI-SAFE PLUS is able to bind liquids with a volume of up to 75 times its net weight.

While UNI-SAFE PLUS physically absorbs non-aqueous substances through its capillary action, aqueous substances are bound in a chemical-physical process.


1 kg of UNI-SAFE PLUS can absorb up to 75 l of aqueous solution.


  • 5-kg-Bucket
  • 5-kg-bag


Barrier formation

UNI-SAFE takes over the weight of the bound liquid and forms an efficient barrier. Liquids can be stopped by a UNI-SAFE-barrier from further spreading.

A light green dye functions as an raw-indicator. Typically, upon contact with acids it will change its color to yellow, while upon contact with alkaline substances its color will turn to red. This is an essential advantage for the emergency teams on site, as well as for the disposal of dangerous substances.

Further advantages in action

Emission Blocker

UNI-SAFE acts as an emission blocker. It creates a “steam barrier” when a dry layer of UNI-SAFE is strewn on top of the bound liquid. Even in case of contact with oleum and chlorosulfonic acid fuming can be stopped immediately when proceeded like described before.

Use ot the UNI-SAFE Jet

The use of the UNI-SAFE Jet (same operation as common fire extinguishers) proved to be extremely fast and handy and makes it easy to bring out UNI-SAFE into the last corner.


Simple application of the binder by hand or spreading equipment.

Removal of Oil Traces

UNI-SAFE was found extraordinarily useful for the cleaning of contaminated traffic ways. No matter wether oil, color residues or other sediments – just spread UNI-SAFE and remove as usual. Moisturizing the UNI-SAFE with a little water can eventually support the whole action.

Use in Rain

UNI-SAFE binds dangerous substances along with the contaminated rain water.

Simple Removal

Disposal without problems

The mixture of dangerous substances and binder can be swept, shoveled, sucked up or pumped away. Also the use of street sweepers has proven practical.

Disposal depends on the type of dangerous substances bound.

Environmentally consistent

Neither production nor disposal of UNI-SAFE has any negative influence on the environment. The moderate volume growth – due to the extreme high absorption ratio of UNI-SAFE – minimizes disposal quantity and thereby decreases costs.


Due to its high-performance capabilities UNI-SAFE is extremely cost-effective. If you are interested in more detailed information don’t hesitate to ask us.

UNI-SAFE is the common denominator in all emergency situations

Wherever dangerous chemicals are used.
In all areas- for immediate, risk-free use, even by non-professionals.
Prevention of damage to people, material and the environment.
Without time-consuming tests – Immediately ready for use.

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Download now the Safety Data Sheet for UNI-SAFE Plus as PDF.


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